Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill

by Gaurav Kheterpal on March 8, 2010

Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill

Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill

While all telecom carriers have been busy staking their claims to be the ‘best carrier’ in Canada, CBC Marketplace team decided to find the truth regarding the so called ‘Customer Service’ and reveal the carrier with ‘Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill’. As part of the investigation, Marketplace team unfolds details of the charges paid by a cellphone user vs. the actual costs incurred by the carriers. I’d be lying if I say that I’m surprised with the investigation results. After all, Jeff went through a similar ordeal not so long ago.

The investigation was a result of hard work and collective effort of the CBC Marketplace team where they collected bills from several customers and reached out to people all across Canada in order to find more about their stories. The investigation does not spare any Canadian carrier from coast to coast and includes both the big names as well as the new players. The video features customers from Rogers Wireless, Bell, Fido, TELUS, Virgin Mobile and others and reveals cases where customers have been charged hefty bills of up to $6000. The video also illustrates how some carriers use misleading terms like ‘Unlimited’ even for limited usage. There’s another story which highlights how carriers mint money on ‘roaming’ services by misleading customers.

The dreaded title of ‘Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill’ is a close fight between 3 finalists – Rogers Wireless, Bell Canada and Virgin Mobile. After I watched each of the finalist stories, I’m not sure who should be the ultimate winner (rather loser) when it comes to Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill. In my opinion, they are all equally disgusting to say the least. I certainly believe that it’s a matter of great shame and disappointment that customers are treated so unprofessionally by carriers who make a lot of tall claims about their ‘customer service’. I’m hoping that this investigation turns out to be an eye opener for all Canadian carriers and they turn more considerate towards their carriers.

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