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Author Topic: House Fires after a service connection?  (Read 12337 times)
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« on: May 09, 2010, 06:36:38 PM »

My elderly parents recently switched between Rogers and Bell in Ontario, Canada for their TV, Telephone and Internet connection for both their condo and the family cottage.

It turns out that Bell could not provide internet service to the cottage location, and they went back to Rogers for the service.

One of their customer service lines (Mom isn't sure if it was Bell or Rogers, as there were a multitude of frustrating telephone conversations with them both!) warned them to be careful, as sometimes when service is switched between the two a fire can result! (no I'm not kidding... I wish I were.)

As it turns out, as they were waiting for Rogers to come back out to connect their internet, Mom smelled smoke from the computer loft. Sure enough, the wires were smoking and had started to char the carpet! She and dad unplugged everything and called the Fire Department, worried that as soon as they left the cottage to go home, another fire might start. The Fire Chief took pictures and listened to their story about the customer service rep who had predicted the fire, but didn't comment to them further.

My husband has speculated that one of the service technicians may have unhooked a transformer without actually unplugging it, causing it to overheat and start the fire... Has anyone else ever heard of this? And who's responsibility would it have been if the results were more than just a bit of charred carpet? Does Bell or Rogers have any liability regarding this?


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