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Sprint takes Proactive Approach to Net Neutrality, Stops Throttling Heavy Users

by Matt Klassen on June 19, 2015

nTelos Could Sell to Shentel for $200 Million as Board Considers Strategic Opportunities

by Istvan Fekete on May 19, 2015

Sprint Retains Third Spot in Wireless Market…Despite T-Mobile’s Bold Predictions

by Matt Klassen on May 8, 2015

T-Mobile, Sprint, and Others Form Alliance to Pressure FCC Over 600 MHz Auction Rules

by Istvan Fekete on April 28, 2015

Sprint to Offer Free International Roaming (sort of)

by Matt Klassen on April 13, 2015

Sprint CEO Backs Net Neutrality

by Matt Klassen on March 27, 2015

T-Mobile Contests Sprint’s Retention of Third Place in Wireless Market

by Matt Klassen on February 23, 2015

Sprint puts T-Mobile on Notice

by Matt Klassen on February 9, 2015

Google Signs Deal with Sprint and T-Mobile to Step Out as Wireless Carrier

by Istvan Fekete on January 22, 2015

nTelos Winds Down Operations in Eastern Virginia, and Sells Spectrum to T-Mobile for $56 Million

by Istvan Fekete on December 3, 2014