Avaya IP Office, Release 5: Some Amazing New Features

by Jeff Wiener on July 1, 2009

I have been picking up tidbits of information about the next release of the Avaya IP Office over the last month.

A few of the biggies include:

– IP Office redundancy:  heres how this one works.  You can have the IP phones from a primary IP Office cabinet fail over to a redundant alternate cabinet, and vice versa.  This redundancy can be either local (LAN), or wide area (WAN).  So, let’s say you have a primary IP Office in Toronto, Canada with 250 users, and an alternate IP Office in Chicago with 100 users.

The handsets from Toronto can re-authenticate to the alternate switch in Chicago if the system in Toronto fails, and vice versa with Toronto providing the back-up for the Chicago system.   Add some SIP trunks, and you can have the dial tone fail over as well.

You can do the WAN SIP route overflow yourself through routing (perhaps using optimal edge routing, BGCP …), or have the carrier do this for you.

This brings the IP Office into the enterprise space.
–    An increase in extension capacity from 284 272 to 390 384
–    An increase in call center station support from 80 75 to 150 agents (now that’s a big call center)!
–    SIP station support (it will now support SIP trunks, and SIP stations).  This will require a license
–    Increase in conference bridge capacity from 64 to 128.
–    Support for Exchange 2007, and the ability to have your VM messages stored in Exchange instead of Voice Mail Pro.  If using UMS your VM messages show up in your regular Outlook inbox and not a separate IMAP folder.   This will provide a much better sync with your handheld.
–    An alternate version of Phone Manager which will be entirely web based (I believe with a license).  This will be called One-X Portal (or something like that).  Phone Manager is still supported.   I hope I can get this to work on my MAC !
–    And last, but not least, a new call center package.  CCC will still be around, and now Avaya has CCR (Custom Call Reporter).  It’s all web based.

Avaya is now calling the system a COMMUNICATIONS SERVER.

Some of these features are licensed, and I don’t have exact pricing yet, but, will keep you posted.

Some of the details are a little sketchy – my excuse was I wasn’t paying perfect attention to the WebEx, OR, I was taking such feverish notes I wasn’t able to keep up.  I think I like the latter.  I will fill in the details with greater accuracy over the next few weeks, and will post that info to this blog.

BTW – we’ve been running the beta release 5 in our office for the last month and it’s been stable.

The expected release date is some time in August.

For more of Avaya’s SMB thoughts you can check out this site:


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telefonix July 17, 2009 at 12:14 pm

– Jeff, it looks like a fabulous release. If you’re after more details, we’ve had it running for months and there’s a list at http://www.telefonix.co.uk/news/ip-office-version-5.php

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