Avaya’s new web based call center app – Customer Call Reporter. A “paradigm shift” in call center Apps

by Jeff Wiener on July 24, 2009

Avaya One X Portal

Avaya One X Portal

I recently had an opportunity to spend some time with the new Avaya CCR (Customer Call Reporter) call center reporting (real time and historical) package.

On first glance I really like what I saw – impressive for a  “controlled release” version.  One of the biggest improvements is ease of installation and deployment.  Instead of the usual delta server with CCC  which could take upwards of 4 hours to load (or longer), the new CCR is an entirely web based application which loads, and configures in  1 to 2 hours .  The web piece will of course simplify future management, debugging, upgrading, and supporting of CCR. And best of all, the app worked on my Mac. This is the 2nd all-new application that was not available before IPOffice’s release 5 software, the other being One-X Portal.

The Mac thing is not something non Mac users will appreciate of course, but, I’m always forgoing programs because they just don’t work on a Mac.

Entering information info the web browser was very quick and responsive, and, quite surprisingly, I used the app for about 1 hour and it didn’t crash!!  The review is really based on 1 hour of play time, and I will write an update in a couple of weeks once we have installed our first client site, and I have had more time to play with CCR.

Like its predecessor, CCR will provide real time monitoring for both Supervisors and Call Center Agents. The Supervisor can program up to 3 real time views of their call center, and the agent can log in, select a Supervisor, and then view the stats for themselves and the queues that they are a member of. Apparently it is possible to set-up 100 variations of queue and agent stats, but I only entered 10.

Like CCC, CCR will support alarm monitoring, and these alarm stats are viewable in the historical reporting.

The historical reporting is also browser based – it works really well. You drag the report from the left hand side of the screen into the report type, choose your filters, hours… and VIEW. Although the system only shows 6 reports on the left hand side, it is possible (apparently) using the filters to produce 100 different reports.

One shortcoming is the inability to report call center stats across multiple IP Offices.  This will be coming in a future release.

Overall,  CCR is definitely a step in the right direction.  The world is moving to cloud computing, HTML, browsers, and this product follows in those steps.

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