Internet tethering is now included for all Rogers customers

by Jeff Wiener on August 7, 2009

Rogers internet tether
One of my favorite technologies is internet tethering.  When Apple released iPhone version 3 they also introduced the capability of tethering your iPhone via Bluetooth or USB to your Windows laptop or MAC.  I’m an avid MAC user (in case you couldn’t already tell from all of my blog posts), and use this new feature religiously.   Now, whenever I need wireless access I enable through the Bluetooth settings the “MAC to iPhone connection”, and – MAGIC – I can surf on my laptop through my 3G iPhone.    This feature also works for Blackberry users as well.

As long as you are on a data plan that gives you at least 1 GB of throughput per month, you can use iPhone tethering for no additional charge in Canada until at least the end of 2009. It’s unclear what will happen next year, and it seems that Rogers isn’t sure yet either.  I suspect Rogers is trying to recover from some of their marketing blunders from last years iPhone intro fiasco – hopefully they have learned from the error of their ways and keep this amazing feature included with the 3G data plan.

MORE:  This blog does have a lot of American readers.  At this point AT&T is still trying to figure out whether, and how they will provide 3G tethering services to their customers.  Seems like a first.  It’s usually the Americans that are leading the way with these services, and the Canadians who follow way behind.  One thing which is very upsetting is that Rogers is still not allowing the Skype program to be purchased through the Canadian Apple App store.  More on this later.
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Mark Evans August 7, 2009 at 7:47 am


Thanks great news, especially since I recently upgraded to the 6GB/$30 data plan. Hopefully, Rogers will see it as a competitive advantage.

JoJo Jonboy October 14, 2009 at 7:21 am

I i saw the post
Very interesting
In fact I have been Googling for this for months is definitely on my bookmarksnow.
Great effort well done !

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