Shhh … Watch what you say. Your call might be recorded by Avaya IP Office Contact Store

by Jeff Wiener on August 19, 2009

Picture 2Call Recording: If your business is in the customer service, order taking, delivery of product, financial services, or a myriad of other industries, the ability to record phone calls and play them back may come in handy some day.

Most phone systems support this basic functionality. There are two different types of silent call recordings:

Ad Hoc
A system that supports ad hoc silent call recording will allow users to press a button on their handset and record the call in progress. It should record for the entire duration of the call. Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, on occasion, you must announce that the call will be recorded. Therefore, when you press the RECORD button, the system will provide a beep, or tone, to inform the caller that the call is being recorded. However, almost all phone systems will allow the system administrator to remove the recording tones from the system, so if you wish to record the call, it will just silently record without playing any tones.

Once the call has been recorded, it will usually dump the recording into the user’s voicemail box. Again, most systems will send the recorded call not only to the user’s voicemail box, but will also send the recorded call out to the user’s e-mail address as an attached *.wav file. I use this feature on the Avaya IP Office from time to time.

Full Recording
Full recording will allow for all the company’s incoming and outgoing calls to get silently recorded. This can usually be activated on a set-by-set basis – in or out, by extension, or by ACD queue. Again, the Avaya IP Office system will send these recorded calls out to the user’s voicemail box, out to an e-mail address as a *.wav file, or to a program that will store all recorded calls for easy access later. For example, you wish to hear all recorded calls for X 221 for May 1 from 10 AM to 2 PM. The program will present all recorded calls recorded during those times.

Contact Store is an Avaya IP Office product that will archive, and catalog recordings and allow you to retrieve the calls in an easy to sort fashion for later retrieval. You can sort by phone number, extension dialed, date, time … So, imagine a scenario where something happens within your customer service department for example, let’s say an extra “0” is added to an order – well sometimes it helps to know just where that mistake was made.


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