Google Android – You’re hired !

by Guest on August 24, 2009

Google AndroidIt seems that we are all becoming slaves to our cell phones, which got me thinking about what kind of boss each particular operating system might be, be it Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Google’s Android.  Are you indentured to your phone, or do you work together to get things done?

Symbian is an old school, powerful workhorse.   It does what it says it’s going to do, but not much more.  The tricks that it knows, it knows well – but getting this OS to do new tricks can be a bit onerous.

iPhone is the new kid on the block, all sparkle and charm.  Everyone is loving the iPhone…well, almost everyone.  Apparently Microsoft doesn’t think too highly of it.  The iPhone is the kind of boss that loves to hear your ideas, as long as they fit into a preplanned concept that fits the structure determined by this boss.  Anything outside the norms will be disregarded and/or ignored.  Most people love to work with this kind of boss – see groupthink.

Ahh, Windows Mobile.  It would be too easy to go into detail as to what is wrong with the mobile OS from MS…  but as a boss, Windows Mobile isn’t thaaaaat bad – it does some things well ( I especially like the reference that it is the best at integrating with other MS products – wow, who would have thought?) People say that the Windows Mobile OS is good because they think that the Windows desktop OS is good (yes – there are already enough blogs on this topic, I don’t need to touch this J ).  It’s a fine example of nepotism – people like this boss because they liked the grandfather of this boss. 

Now, here comes Google Android.  This is a new type of boss, forward thinking and open to options.  The Android is willing and able to work in many different environments and is not going to hose you at every chance it gets.  In contrast to the iPhone business model, the Android boss is willing to work with you to develop new and exciting apps, all using an open source model.  Experts working with experts = awesomeness.  These guys say it best (albeit a while ago).  As slaves consumers, we want the ability to do what we want, in the environment we want.  Google is able to deliver this to us, and we will remain their humble servant for as long as they take care of us.

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