RIM acquires Torch Mobile. Should put the RIM browser on par with iPhone’s

by Jeff Wiener on August 25, 2009

rim-logoSome good news for RIM mobile users.

Torch Mobile announced on Monday that it has been acquired by RIM.  Torch Mobile, according to their web site, makes the Iris Browser which is an advanced, high-performance and versatile Web browser application for mobile and embedded devices. Based on the WebKit rendering engine, it is specifically designed to function in resource-constrained environments. It brings the full Web experience to mobile phones, set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices, portable media players, Ultra-Mobile PCs and other embedded devices – in a fast and user-friendly manner.

WebKit is open source, fast, easy to use, and offers an amazing user experience.  iPhone, Safari, Pre, Symbian, and Android all use the WebKit open source browser.  Now that RIM owns WebKit it should put them in an interesting competitive position.   The browser will certainly be on par with the iPhone browser.  Now we just need to find out when this will become available for iPhone users ?

Jeff, www.digitcom.ca


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