Bell / Telus launching HSPA network in the Fall?

by Jeff Wiener on September 2, 2009

telus-q4So, as we near the launch of Canada’s newest wireless entrants, it is quite interesting to see how the established three are solidifying their networks and market positions. Recently I’ve taken keen interest on the upcoming launch of the Bell / TELUS HSPA network. Although there has been differing dates being passed along, it appears that both TELUS and Bell are on target to release their network somewhere in the fall with some optimistic projections suggesting TELUS might be ready to activate the network in September (Phones Review UK / Mobile Syrup).

In addition to the wider array of phones that will soon be available to both Bell and TELUS subscribers, it appears that Bell Mobility and AT&T in the United States have recently entered into a reciprocal roaming agreement (BCE) on each other’s HSPA networks. This not only will extend an extensive network to Bell subscribers in the USA, but will also open travelling Americans access to Bell’s new HSPA network – possibly cutting into Rogers’ once dominated GSM roaming revenue.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications (CWTA) recently enacted a “Code of Conduct” designed to provide greater rights to wireless consumers (CWTA News Release). This new code protects items such as transparent advertising, rate plans / packages and billing. One provision that caught my eye was an option to cancel your contract (without penalty) in the event your service provider changes your plan. I stated to think to myself “Where were you when I started paying for incoming SMS messages?” Although this looks great on paper, I guess time will dictate how effective these measures are in practice. It also appears that most of the major mobile providers (including new entrants) are onboard with the particular exception of DAVE Wireless?

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Dave September 10, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Apple’s iPhone anyone?

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