Twitter: Tweet to Talk – Telecom 2.0 here we come ! Introducing JaJah@call

by Jeff Wiener on September 19, 2009

jajah-logoNow here’s a neat technology.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Telecom 2.0. I also wrote a post about my “ah-ha” moment with Twitter. I called it – Twitter – the light bulb moment. Over the last couple of weeks I started using Twitter more often.

Now, let’s combine Telecom 2.0 and Twitter. What do you get ?

First, let me recap my Twitter post from a couple of weeks ago: (and I quote from that post):

Just as Google has stretched their dominance into so many different elements of the web, Twitter has the same potential to be a technology game changer. The chatter that happens on Twitter is text driven, but, it could be voice, video, or any other form of multi-media driven.

And then, from a customer service perspective, there are so many touch points that hit a service based organization. Phone, email, fax, and new media (like Twitter). Integrating Twitter and other forms of social media into an organization’s operations. For example, someone needing live help could activate a real time command and voice or text into a service organizations help desk.

I was really just speculating, but, expected that in the not to distant future we would see some form of “Tweet to Talk” app get developed for Twitter.

I also did a post on Telecom 2.0 and mentioned the following:

What does Telecom 2.0 look like ?

Speaking along the lines of paradigm shift, the next generation of phone systems will be a highly intelligent server, much as they are now. The talk/communicate medium will not necessarily be the bulky phone on your desk, but rather a variety of end point devices.

Skype, Google, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Blackberry – these all-in-one appliances will be the talk/communicate path, and the server at the back end will bridge these technologies together. And with the recent news of Silver Lakes (Avaya’s parent company) being part of an investment group buying a 65% stake in Skype, it will now bring together the old and newer emerging technologies.

OK. Enough of the background – I have set the stage for a new app from a company called Jajah@call. I have pulled this description from their web site:

Picture 6

JAJAH gives short messages a voice. With the new JAJAH application, Twitter users can make free phone calls on their favorite microblogging service. Now in Beta, JAJAH@Call allows you to make a free two minute call (the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other JAJAH@Call users. It’s free, it’s easy and works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it’s on your cellphone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way.

TELECOM 2.0. This is what it’s all about.

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