Micello – the mind of a building in the palm of your hand !

by Jeff Wiener on September 25, 2009

Picture 11The folks at Mashable.com just released a story on another iPhone app – and they keep getting bigger and better.

Anyone that has had to do that awkward fast walk to find an information kiosk in a mall, only to find out that you were nearly at the washrooms before you gave up to search for an info booth, will be happy to learn that this app from Micello will be available soon. Mapping the inside of buildings might be considered an invasion of privacy to some, but to the rest of us this is the next logical step in the mapping/GPS world. Universities, airports, and malls can all benefit from this utility.

Quoting from Micello’s web site:
Micello provides a unique indoor location-based service for mobile devices. Millions of people today use Google Maps to get to their destination. Micello goes one step further by extending a map inside locations, such as convention centers, shopping malls, college campuses, airports, and theme parks. Micello brings any location alive on a mobile phone by providing a navigatable map and a rich set of interactive services in the context of time and place. Micello creates communities for these places, providing you highly relevant information on your mobile device.

This app is cool !

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