If she wasn’t so frustrated it would actually be humorous

by Jeff Wiener on October 5, 2009

frustratedI wrote a post on Saturday titled – My wife is moving us from Bell to Rogers. The switch happens Sunday night. Let’s see how it goes. At the end of the post I promised to keep the readers up to date with a status report.

Before I tell you what happened, I want to explain why I’m writing about this on TheTelecomBlog.com.

This is sort of an experiment for me. For my wife this is serious business. She really wants Rogers cable, and while she’s at it, Rogers Home Phone. Actually, the Home Phone service is more like a “throw-in”. The Rogers sales rep convinced her to get Rogers cable and get a better discount on our monthly bill. She figured “why not” ?

I told my wife I didn’t want to have anything to do with this project. I’m actually quite content with Bell, and told her to look after it. I figured, just being in the business for so many years, that this wouldn’t go that well. I think she was destined to prove me wrong. Either way, she’s a typical consumer, and I figured that her / our experience with this exercise would be somewhat comical (or frustrating).

And it was.

Rogers showed up at 7:30PM, more or less as promised. The technician called 20 minutes before arrival, as promised, and even fixed some outdoor dangling cables before ringing the bell.

So far so good.

Next, the basement.

He quickly traced the cable feed, cut some cables, and began the process of transferring our services over. He asked about our 2 lines. We told him we didn’t have 2 lines. He insisted we had 2 lines, and showed us his work order to prove it. The 2nd number is actually a Bell Ident-A-Call service, not a 2nd number. My wife spoke in great detail with the Rogers sales rep about Ident-A-Call and the Rogers rep insisted it wouldn’t be a problem. The technician called the office, spoke with dispatch for a few minutes, and then showed us his laptop. He had closed the service order – the words “call closed” appeared on his screen. He quickly packed up his laptop, and told us we would have to call Rogers, explain the situation, and open a new service order. No cable, no phone.

My wife spent about 20 minutes on the phone once the Rogers tech left. She was REALLY frustrated, first with their automated voice response system, and then with the end result.

She needs to call back Monday to re-place the support call.

I sympathize with the average consumer who has to call Bell, Rogers … for tech support, billing services, change of service … It can be extremely frustrating.

More: You would figure, based on how visible this blog is, and the fact that this information gets automatically propagated to Twitter … that Rogers would have made extra effort to get this service call done right. The marketing department either isn’t doing their job, or, they’re not speaking with the service department.

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