Let’s see if Rogers can get it right this time – we got a call from the “Office of the President”

by Jeff Wiener on October 7, 2009

desk_womanIf you have been following my blog you would know that we, actually my wife, is working on moving our home and TV services from Bell to Rogers. Not an exercise for the faint of heart ! And not something I’m particularly keen of either. Not that I have a huge affinity for Bell, but, my preference was to leave well enough alone. Bell works, and we’ve been with them for years.

I explained on Saturday that we were planning on moving to Rogers so that my wife could watch Rogers Day Time Live. She’s on the show once per month and she hasn’t been able to watch herself on TV. The switch was to happen on Sunday, but, Rogers messed up, much as I expected they would, and the switchover never happened.

At the conclusion of Sunday’s post I wrote the following: You would figure, based on how visible this blog is, and the fact that this information gets automatically propagated to Twitter … that Rogers would have made extra effort to get this service call done right. The marketing department either isn’t doing their job, or, they’re not speaking with the service department.


As it turns out, it appears that Rogers does have a Social Media Specialist, and this person’s job is to keep track of the “Rogers” name on the web. As an aside, it seems strange that this is their first contact with me. I’ve been giving Rogers a hard time for months – a quick search of this blog shows at least 20 + articles with a mention of the Rogers name, and this is their first time reaching out !

I received an email from the Rogers Social Media Specialist, and I forwarded this information along to my wife. About 2 hours later she received a call from the “office of the President”.

Now we’re talking business !

This new person has now coordinated a new site visit for this afternoon. And apparently they’re sending their best technician. Do you think they can get this right ? We’ll find out.

In the mean time my wife’s pleased that she isn’t going to have to spend hours on the phone with the Rogers service department. Privately, I’m somewhat dismayed. You see, I was privately hoping to use this as an experiment. What does it take for the average consumer to get some basic services done with the Telco ? Also, I am enjoying writing about this. The longer this goes on, the more material I have.

We’ve now got an unfair advantage over the average consumer. So, this isn’t really a proper experiment, which would make it even more comical (for me anyway) if this doesn’t go well this afternoon.

More: I know that Rogers is reading this blog, so please allow me to send this message to senior management. First, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ted Rogers. Canada is a poorer country without Ted’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it appears that your company is in an excellent position – operating in an oligopoly allows you to provide CRAPPY service, and know that the consumer will keep coming back for more. You have an opportunity though. The opportunity is to differentiate yourself not on price, but, on service. An opportunity to provide truly exceptional, world class service, and steal the market share from Bell, Telus, Shaw … based purely on an amazing service model. Competition will intensify over the next few months with the new cell companies entering the market. Now’s your chance. Provide the consumer with some service guarantees that no one else can match. You know – service commitments. It might just work !

You can continue reading this story. Did Rogers finally get this done right ? And what’s my Mom have to do with this ? Click here

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