Windows Mobile 6.5 released

by Guest on October 7, 2009

windows_mobile_6_5_homeThe first batch of phones with Microsoft’s newest mobile OS is just about to hit the streets, with an expected 30+ handsets available for the year end.

Some of the new features in the updated OS include the ability to find your phone, a $5/use charge instead of an annual fee.  You can use this feature to locate your phone, make it ring (even if the ringer is turned off) or remotely wipe the phone in the event you can’t get your hands back on it.

The addition of flash support in an updated Internet Explorer is a skill set that the smartphone competitors haven’t managed to overcome yet, and the addition of the App Store Windows Marketplace enables existing and new MS customer’s access to the thousands of apps already available for the different iterations of the mobile OS.

With over 50 million phones running Microsoft’s mobile operating system sold in the past few years, you would expect that more than 10% of windows users would know that there was a mobile version of their desktop.  Kevin Keith,  Microsoft’s GM of Windows Mobile Marketing shared that “People don’t know that Windows has a phone,” and that the marketing budget to resolve this will run in the “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Currently at 15% market share, will Microsoft be able to stave off the likes of the iPhone, Android, Symbian, or Pre competitors?  Is this a “go big or go home” situation that will see MS limping back to Redmond?

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