Skype over 3G – now available on AT&T

by Guest on October 8, 2009

skype_iphone1-540x437AT&T has decided to lift the ban imposed on Skype and other VoIP providers, enabling AT&T customers to use iPhones on the 3G network to access Skype and other VoIP alternatives.  Previously AT&T customers could access Skype over Wi-Fi only.  Rogers in Canada struggled with the perception of an imposed ban on VoIP on the iPhone, but last month this limitation was removed on Wi-Fi only.

Snipped from the TMCnet website: “Josh Silverman, president of Skype, said AT&T’s decision demonstrates that its customers are interested in taking Skype conversations with them on the go. Since the iPhone app launched six months ago, consumers have downloaded and installed Skype on 10 percent of all iPhone and iPod touch devices sold.”

At first glance, one would think Skype should get rolling on this, as a quick visit to their website FAQ states that while some features are enabled over 3G, Skype calling is only available over WiFi for the iPhone, but it looks like there will need to be a firmware upgrade of the iPhone in order for the apps (like Skype or Fring) to be fully functional on the 3G networks.

AT&T’s initial decision to ban VoIP apps was based on their concern about the impact the traffic would have on the rest of the network.  After more consideration and analysis, AT&T has decided that the network will survive the traffic that the VoIP products might create.  Hopefully they are right.

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