T-Mobile: All Sidekick data has been lost

by Jeff Wiener on October 11, 2009

t-mobileAny T-Mobile users using Sidekick woke up to some extremely disappointing news – all of their Sidekick data that is being stored in the cloud has been lost and is unrecoverable.

In T-Mobile’s words: “based on Microsoft/Danger’s latest recovery assessment of their systems, we must now inform you that personal information stored on your device – such as contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists or photos – that is no longer on your Sidekick almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger.”

This is a disaster – not only for T-Mobile users, but, for cloud computing in general. The world is obviously moving to a cloud centric model, and people (myself included), are trusting a LOT of their data to the cloud, really having no sense of who, where, or how it is being backed up, or, where it might end up.

Where is their redundant back-up ? How on earth could such a large organization not have back-up / contigency plans in place ? This will probably be the death of the service !

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