A re-cap of the 3 new carriers coming to Canada this Fall / Winter. 2 are doomed !

by Jeff Wiener on October 15, 2009

three-fingersCompetition will not only be fierce between the new carriers, but even more so as the incumbent carriers stake their position and fight aggressively to hang onto their market share.

In the last few weeks TheTelecomBlog.com has profiled all 3 of the new carriers in separate blog postings, and on Tuesday we started a 4 part series looking at which of the 3 carriers would survive. This is part 2.

A re-cap / summary of the new carriers are as follows:

Public Mobile:
After announcing their plan to provide Canadians, well for now only those that live in Toronto or Montreal, an alternative to the big 3 cell providers, Public Mobile is looking to jump in bed with Wal Mart to ensure that they continue to become known as the low cost, high-frills option in the Canadian cell phone market. The company is interested in placing their products in the hands of Canadians in Ontario and Quebec, and feels that their target market is available at Wal Mart and other convenience location.

Public Mobile scooped up the G-band for only $53 million in the wireless spectrum auction last year – nearly 80% less than what the other parts of the spectrum went for. Public Mobile has been able to show that they are serious about providing real competition to the big players: Telus, Rogers, and Bell. The question is: can they afford to be the affordable cell phone provider? With no hardware designed to be used in this spectrum, combined with a target market of 2 million customers, this will be an interesting company to watch. But everyone loves an underdog!

Wind Mobile:
After spending $442 million on spectrum in the Canadian wireless auction Globalive is poised to provide an exceptional customer experience at discount store prices by partnering up with Wind Mobile. They hired Alcatel-Lucent to create the 3G network required to launch the Windmobile products across Canada to ensure that the network is able to meet the demands of today and the needs of tomorrow.

Globalive has asked Canadians what they want, and is now in the process of finding a way to provide it.
With over ten years of experience in the telecommunications field, Globalive is well suited to meet the challenge of upsetting the Big Three – Telus, Rogers, and Bell.

Globalive is funded by Orascom, an Egyptian based cell phone conglomorate with spectrum and operations all over the world, Orascom has deep enough pockets, skill, and experience to make a real go of this. The problem – Globalive has been plagued with issues regarding Canadian ownership which could threaten their launch. Globalive’s cell brand will be called Wind Mobile.

Dave Wireless:
Dave’s acting President is Dave Dobbin, previously of Toronto Hydro Telecom. For those that live in the Toronto area you might remember Dave from his radio ads urging customers to come to one of his seminars on network security. Incidentally, the fact that DAVE Wireless and DAVE Dobbin both share the same name is completely coincidental, although very convenient. DAVE is headed up by John Bitove, controlling shareholder of XM Radio in Canada, and KFC Holdings, Director of Priszm Brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell franchises across Canada.

The Dave wireless team says that they are on track to launch their product line in early 2010 in 5 Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. By opting to roll out HSPA+, the Dave team is hoping to be able to offer speeds of 21 megabits/sec.

With no information about pricing and plan options on their website, the Dave mobile team is going to be answering a ton of questions prior to the launch. They seem to have provided the least amount of information, and will probably be the last of the 3 to launch.

These are the players, and these are my predictions. One will play and two won’t stay.

To continue reading this story, and to see my prediction of which companies will fail / succeed, click here:

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3 new cell companies coming to Canada. My guess - 2 are doomed. Public Mobile, Wind Mobile, or Dave Wireless ? — TheTelecomBlog.com
October 20, 2009 at 9:57 pm

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yahoo October 24, 2009 at 1:36 am

wind and Dave

they should all yest get along and use each other equipment (ours)

I have a question….
If we pay 6.99 for network fee that allows carious of the big three to build towers who do the towers belong to?
I take a guess,I think it belongs to the consumer!

Chen October 27, 2009 at 9:56 pm

word on the street in Vancouver is that alcatel has maybe 40 sites built for global live /wind and some global live landlords are not getting the rent cheques and obviously not happy. great way to make new friends.

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