Google Voice can’t keep a secret?

by Guest on October 20, 2009

shhWe touched a bit on the ongoing drama between Google and AT&T, courtesy of the FCC.  Today, some information about Google Voice’s ability to keep the contents of voicemail private has come to light.

One of the features of Google Voice is the ability to have your voicemail messages converted to plain text, ostensibly to have them emailed to you.  The author in this report was able to search, and find, 31 messages that had varying levels of private information – one of them had a female leaving a detailed description of her recent medical visit.

Apparently there is an option to share your vmail messages on the web.  The Washington Post says that this is a “feature” from Google Voice.  Maybe it’s turned on by default, and you have to turn it off if you would like to have some privacy?  Whatever the case, some of the messages are pretty funny.  Be warned – some are not quite safe for work. 

Either way – this may not be the best time for Google to be sharing private information about their customers, but you can bet that AT&T is probably enjoying this moment.

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