CRTC says “no thanks” to Net Neutrality

by Guest on October 22, 2009

neutralityOh Canada.

We are so polite that we will let our internet providers – the corporations that we PAY for our services – decide on what we can use the internet for.

Freedom of speech?  We don’t really need that.  We’ll just let the telecoms tell us what we can and can’t do with OUR internet. 

The CRTC announced today that it is permissible for the telecoms to use traffic shaping methods to regulate internet usage – as long as they let you know more than 30 days in advance.  Yes, this means that your internet provider can adjust your usage, provided they mention it a month before.  With this ruling from the CRTC, you get less internet – but don’t expect the savings to show up on your next bill. So glad the CRTC is looking out for us like this.  The good news is, the CRTC has said that traffic shaping can only be used as a last resort.  The bad news is – economic factors can be used to support the decision.  Hmm, I guess we’ll be given a choice on which avenue the company will take; increase your bill, or decrease your “unlimited” internet.  Oh wait – it’ll be both.

Rogers, Shaw, TELUS, and Bell are probably coming up with a way right now to thank the CRTC for their brilliant decision.  This will translate to BILLIONS of dollars in savings to these companies.  And the only requirement is that they let us know – 30 days in advance.  Lucky us.

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