Microsoft introduces Windows 7 – Vista is the reason I switched to a MAC

by Jeff Wiener on October 22, 2009

vista-bsoMicrosoft’s Windows 7 launches today. And hopefully they get it right this time.

The best thing that could have happened to Apple is Windows Vista. Apple did quite well riding on the coat tails of Microsoft’s hated Windows Vista.

And the best thing that could have happened to Microsoft is Microsoft. What do I mean ?

Microsoft is the king of the PC market. If they had any formidable competition Vista would have been their undoing. In some respects, Vista marked the beginning of Microsoft’s slow decline from their perch of arrogance and PC dominance. And Microsoft knows that Vista wasn’t very well liked. They are also very aware of Vista’s

Unfortunately for those unlucky Vista users who are frustrated with Vista, it seems that you need to pay Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 7. Yes, Microsoft knows that Vista sucks. But, they’re not willing to provide a free upgrade to Windows 7. The only way to get the upgrade for FREE is if you purchased your PC with Vista pre-loaded after July 1, 2009. Microsoft’s gift, or best apology to Vista users would have been a free upgrade to a working, better, more stable operating system.

Microsoft needs to convince consumers, and especially businesses, that Windows 7 will work. Properly. Only 30% of businesses have migrated to Vista, an extreme disappointment compared to the attach rate of previous OS’s after the same length of time. XP had an attach rate of 70% for example.

Microsoft is very aware of these issues, and has undergone a massive beta test of over 8 million testers globally.

Vista is the reason I switched to a MAC. I owned a Vista laptop for about 11 months and grew so dissatisfied with Vista that I decided to try a MAC. Although it also has some issues, they are minor compared to the extreme frustration I experienced as a Windows Vista user. And now that I have made the switch from PC to MAC I can’t see myself switching back.

Can Microsoft get it right ? Will consumers and businesses forgive Microsoft for their Vista mistake ?

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