SpoofApp – just in time for Halloween

by Guest on October 27, 2009

iphone_fake_callsOK – this isn’t the most practical app out there – but it is pretty funny.

SpoofApp lets you be who you want to be.  You can change your outgoing callerID info to any name/number that you want.  You can change your voice to be male or female, as well as change the pitch and tone to make your voice unrecognizable to your friends and family, and you can record the entire conversation – strictly for future reference…

Available now for the Blackberry, Android, as well as in the appstore for iPhone.  This is a pay per use service, with credits available through the website.

The customer stories are actually pretty funny – you can see that this is a product that is perfect to get back at that pain-in-the-butt friend that is always practical-joking you. Or – maybe you’ll see them using it on the next episode of  Dog the Bounty Hunter.

If you want to try it now, tweet it up and you can get a free 5 minute spoofcard!


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