Rise of the Droid

by Guest on October 28, 2009

motorola-droidDo you remember where you were when man first landed on the moon?  How about the day JFK was silenced forever? 

No – neither do I – technically because I wasn’t born yet.  But you can note October 28, 2009 in the history books as the day that Droid came out to slay the ubiquitous, and omnipotent, iPhone.

Ok – maybe it’s not that big a deal, but the new Droid is a pretty fricking kewl phone.

Mobilecrunch has had a countdown going for a bit now, but October 28 is the day they have predicted for Verizon to announce the first serious contender against the iPhone.

The commercials have already started, and the specs have “accidently” been leaked.  The tech public is interested in this ugly unique-looking new handset, but it’s the new OS that really has them salivating – Google’s Android.

The Droid (aka Motorola Sholes) has a keyboard with haptic feedback, a 5 meg camera with dual LED’s for a flash, and a 550mhz processer.  Combined with the new OS, this should be an interesting matchup against the iPhone.

May the best phone win.

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