Droid vs Iphone. There can be only one!

by Guest on October 29, 2009

OK – so the Droid was launched yesterday, and the drooling Verizon fans should be able to pick it up in the next few weeks.  The folks that couldn’t have an iPhone are now able to have what many are calling a serious threat to the iPhone’s dominance as the cellular chosen one – but how do they stack up against each other?

Billshrink.com has compiled the true cost of ownership, comparing the iPhone 3Gs against the Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid.


So – at this time the Pre is kind of an “also ran.”  Saving $600 a year is a pretty good reason to choose it, but …. It’s one of those situations where you’ll be happy about what you saved, and sad about what you had to give up.

The Droid and the iPhone are comparable, but if I had to choose one over the other – I think   I would go with the Droid.  The 10,000 apps isn’t that big of a deal for me – pretty sure I can find my crib game and word jumbles.  What does make a difference for me is the ability to multitask.  There have been too many times where I wanted to use two different apps on the iPhone – but because they aren’t the built in apps, I had to choose one or the other.  Though it’s not mentioned in the comparison, another feature that I think I would like is the slide-out keyboard.  I do like the touch screen on my iPhone, but in chilly weather, I have to take off a glove to use the phone.  Yes, apparently my life is rough. 

It’s too early to determine if the droid is going to be a contender against the iPhone.  There was a lot of hype before the Pre came out, claiming to be the first iPhone killer.  But in the end, only the consumers can decide which is the actual winner.  One thing is certain, with Apple on its third iteration of the iPhone and steadily improving, if the Droid does manage to knock Apple from their perch – it won’t be for long.  What features will the 4G iPhone have?

I can’t wait to find out!

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Michael McNamara October 30, 2009 at 6:26 pm

Hi Jason,

I think the Motorola Droid is going to be a big hit and will finally push Apple to give up the exclusive distribution agreement with AT&T. I personally have a Motorola Razr v3 (yes I’m old school) but the Motorola Droid might get me off the sidelines. Although with three daughters in the house the total costs over 24 months are hard to swallow. I am happy to see Motorola bounce back, remember they almost suffered the same fate as Nortel.

I think a big part of the Motorola Droid’s success could come from the Enterprise customers. I know a lot of organizations are very sour on all the fees they must pay for their BlackBerry users. I know Apple was trying to break into that market and I’m sure Motorola will too.


Jason Finnerty October 31, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Hey Michael
thanks for reading – and commenting!

the Razr was a fantastic phone, and would be a great one to keep as a spare.
3 daughters is expensive enough – giving them all droids would hopefully cover a few birthdays/xmases!

it’ll be interesting to see what solutions Google/Motorola develop to provide options to teh Enterprise folks – everyone is trying to find ways to save $$ while finding a higher level of connectivity, so there is still lots of room for someone to come in and present a better option.

You’ve got quite an impressive blog going there – tons of great info. Keep it up!

– j

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