Does Google have their head in the Clouds?

by Guest on November 2, 2009

cloud-question-mark-cloud-computing Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has suggested that the current crop of smart phones, Android included, can do “magical things” by having apps that are able to use the cloud for their storage/processing needs.

 Eric Scmidt talking about cloud computing on mobile devices

Duncs Web questions the reliability and security of cloud networking, but knows that it is the wave of the future.

The fine folks at have created an accurate description of cloud computing, with some good discussion within the comments.

There have already been some spectacular failures with cloud computing – the T-Mobile Sidekick/Microsoft failure being the first one that comes to mind. 

Will Google be able to incorporate cloud technology into the Chrome OS, or as the video suggests, into the Android OS?  

What do you think of cloud computing?  Glorified hosting, or better-than-sliced-bread? 

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