Google gets VoIPed – buys Gizmo5 for $30 million

by Guest on November 11, 2009

google-voice-iphone-app3 It’s still just a rumor, but it’s a pretty strong rumor.  When the founder of TechCrunch stakes his credibility on it, there’s probably a pretty strong likelihood that there’s some truth to the story.

The search engine internet giants purchased Gizmo5, ostensibly to provide VoIP service to the Google Voice and Gtalk users, reinforcing the strangle hold that Google has on the entire internet.

Gizmo5 was in negotiations with Skype, but while Skype worked out their legal challenges, Gizmo5 was able to be scooped up by Google.  This acquisition could allow Gtalk and Google voice users to call landlines right from Gmail, or receive calls to your Google Voice number directly on your computer or smartphone.

The Google/Gizmo5 combination will bring Google one step closer to being able to provide an entire phone package, end to end.  it will be interesting to see what the company that had the motto,  “Do no evil” has in store for the future…

Free voip calls today, world domination tomorrow!

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