Dell enters the SmartPhone market with the Dell 3 Mini

by Jeff Wiener on November 14, 2009

Dell_CMCC_SmartphoneDoes the SmartPhone market need another SmartPhone ?

Either way Dell introduced the new Dell 3 Mini SmartPhone on Friday. Too bad it’s only available in China ! By the end of the year it will be available in Brazil. Plans haven’t been announced for the US or Canadian market as of yet.

Taken from Dell’s News release:
Entry into the smart phone category reflects Dell’s continued expansion into mobile internet products and services through value-added relationships with leading operators. Earlier this year Dell was the first mobile PC manufacturer to embed China Mobile’s 3G technology and services into its netbooks and quickly became the leading seller of netbooks through retail outlets in China. In addition Dell has existing agreements with other leading global telecom providers, including Vodafone in Europe; Australia/New Zealand, AT&T and Verizon in the U.S.; M1 and Starhub in Singapore; and Maxis in Malaysia, creating more opportunities to meet the needs of a connected lifestyle.

The Dell 3 Mini comes with a 3.5 inch touchscreen, support for Bluetooth, and a 3 megapixel camera. It operates on the Google Android OS.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s compelling about the Dell 3 Mini – it seems like another iPhone or Motorola Droid copy. Dell had the chance YEARS ago to enter the SmartPhone market with their AXIM handheld. I owned one of those devices a few years ago and loaded a softphone client onto the phone. I ran it as a handheld Wi-Fi SmartPhone; it occurred to me at least 3 years ago that Dell had a chance to make a difference in this market with an AXIM cell phone. I think they missed the boat !

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