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by Jeff Wiener on November 21, 2009

Picture 18Well, it’s a small addition to anyway. You will notice at the top right hand corner of the screen the word FORUM.

The scope of content of this blog has been, and will continue to be Telecom. Could be carrier, hardware, policy, net neutrality, cable … and technology. And then anything in between.

The purpose of the forum is to talk about, question, argue all topics related to Telecom.

Trying to install a Cisco phone system ? Have some questions ?

Have a sales related question about AT&T or Bell Canada ?

How about a new APP on the iPhone ?

Post your question and hopefully someone from the Telecom community will respond.

One additional piece I have added to the forum is a section titled:
Interconnect Showcase: Highlight your interconnect company. Explain what you do and which cities and products you support.

The forum is obviously VERY new (launched 2 days ago). So there isn’t any content in there yet, but, go ahead. Post your question and wait for a response.

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