Looking to receive faxes directly to your email inbox ? Try Multitech’s fax server

by Jeff Wiener on November 23, 2009

Multitech faxI’m often surprised by the number of companies still asking for some sort of faxing technology. My initial thought is that fax technology died some time ago, although, for obvious reasons it will be with us for some time. I’m constantly reminded that many companies still use fax quite extensively.

At one time, not that long ago, it was the only real means of rapid document transmission. I remember standing by the fax machine with 5 outbound faxes in hand waiting to send these faxes, document by document. Now, in 2009, I’m now often teased by my co-workers while standing at the fax machine as I ask if the pages go face up or face down. I can’t ever seem to remember !

Some time before mainstream adoption of email, our company sold a fairly large, server based, quite expensive fax solution. We stopped selling the solution mostly because demand for $15,000 high end fax solutions had a very limited market appeal.

Today the demand for lower models is still very active. We have adopted a much lower price solution, the Multitech Fax Server. The Multitech comes in 1,2,4, and 8 port sizes, and range in price from under $1,000 and sell for up to $3,500 for an 8 port solution. Just to give you a sense, the average 80 person company with low to moderate fax use can easily get away with a 2 port Multitech device.

Installation is a snap. We can typically have the solution installed in under 1 hour. And the book sized device is packed with some amazing features.

My TOP 2 favourites:
Most companies today are using PRI services, and with a standard PRI service you can have a DID (Direct Inward Dial) number. This number will allow you to have your own fax number – send the fax document to the number. The Multitech will convert the fax to PDF and email it out direct to your email address. Set a unique number up for all your staff if required. No more HR or condifential accounting faxes ending up at the reception desk.

E-mail-to-fax functionality allows users to type in the fax number in the “To:” field in an email message. Send the fax to Multitech with the fax number in the “To” field and Multitech sends the document off. In addition, there is an API which allows users to integrate the FaxFinder with their applications, such as middleware (e.g. Goldmine, Act!), so the faxes can be sent directly from their CRM (customer relationship management) application.

All this technology packed into a small relatively inexpensive, easy to set-up device.

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Darren Hudson December 1, 2009 at 1:51 am

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