BC court rules Rogers is no longer the Fastest and Most Reliable Network

by Guest on November 25, 2009

Untitled Like the wars to the south, the cellular playground in Canada is having a few scraps to determine who really is the fastest and most reliable wireless provider.

Rogers has been able to claim this status for many years, but now that Telus and Bell have worked out a coopetition scheme, it looks like the competitive advantage is gone – or, if anything, has actually tilted in favor of Telus and Bell.  With less consumers on the brand new Telus/Bell network, it should be a while before saturation becomes a factor.

When Telus and Bell launched their new HSPA network, the next course of action was to get Rogers to stop making claims about their superiority.  Telus took Rogers to court, and today the ruling was made – “The technological advantage that allowed Rogers to represent that it has Canada’s most reliable network has disappeared.”  Look forward to a new ad campaign from Rogers – maybe something like “Already friendly, now and in the future” or “Our network has always been On!”  They might be Canadian companies, but I’m looking forward to some interesting mud-slinging!

Now, the next thing that needs to be determined is what is “The fastest, most reliable” network?  Is it the network that theoretically gets the best speeds, or the one that measurably does?  And reliable – what is the wireless definition of reliable?  We’ve heard it’s the network that reaches the most people, but it also could be the network that has the fewest dropped calls.

Hurry up Public and DAVE – love to see you in the sandbox soon!

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Joel November 25, 2009 at 10:10 pm

I’m so happy Rogers can’t boast about themselves anymore, at least for now. The shameless self promotions of itself is so incredibly tiring. Please, stop using your avails on the US cable networks to pitch your goods or bads already. Enough !

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