It’s unlimited but you have to have a banana in your drawer. Alek Krstajic, Public Mobile

by Jeff Wiener on November 28, 2009

Picture 16Public Mobile is getting close to launch. And they are heating up the communication on their blog.

The message – we’re Public Mobile. We’re different from Bell, Telus, and Rogers. And it looks like of the 3 new carriers they will be the first to launch.

Wind Mobile’s plans have been put on hold by the CRTC.

Dave Wireless has been quiet on their launch plans, BUT, Public Mobile’s PR machine is in full launch mode.

You can clearly get a sense of where Public Mobile is going with their market focus – Alex Krstajic, Public Mobile President, describes what unlimited means to the competition:

Bell, Telus, and Rogers advertise Unlimted.

“Unlimited but it’s evenings and week-ends”

“Unlimted but you have to be dialing only 5 friends that we’ve pre-determined”

“Unlimited but you have to have a banana in your drawer.”

Unlimited is like freedom. You either have it or you don’t ! We’re about doing it differently and about doing it right.

A few weeks ago my thought was that Wind Mobile was at the forefront with their marketing and communication message. With their plans stalled and future uncertain my thought is that Public Mobile is now leading in that space. First to market with the best personality.

Dave Wireless seems to be asleep ! Take a look at their home page, web site, communication, blog, videos, marketing plans … What are they doing ?

Now, take a look at Public Mobile’s video …

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