Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fastest, biggest, and best of them all ? Telus, Bell, Rogers ? Who cares.

by Jeff Wiener on December 2, 2009

Rogers iPhoneIt started with Telus launching a suit under the Competition Act in the Supreme Court of British Columbia requesting that Rogers drop their slogan “Canada’s fastest and most reliable network”. So technically Telus started this stupid battle.

Not only did Rogers acknowledge in court that their claim of running the fastest network was no longer valid, but that it would in fact drop the slogan. The courts did grant Telus a temporary injunction that could potentially force Rogers from making the claim anyway.

Telus and Bell recently introduced their new HSPA+ network. The introduction of the new network also opened some iPhone competition for Rogers as Bell and Telus are now selling the Apple iPhone. So, competition and the war of words is obviously heating up.

Then yesterday Rogers filed suit in the BC Supreme Court against Bell’s BCE claiming that Bell’s claim about being the largest, fastest, most reliable network are false and misleading.

Sometimes there’s an easier way to beat the competition. No, not the courts. If Telus, Bell, and Rogers claim they have a faster network why don’t they back that claim up with some facts.

I was passing some time at a mall this past week-end and decided to do my own small iPhone speed test to see who has the fastest network.

The test was to see how fast the home page of TheTelecomBlog.com would come up once launched. I started from the Safari browser screen and typed in TheTelecomBlog.com into the address bar and hit go. All tests were done from roughly the same geographic area (the same mall).

The results are as follows:
Bell network with iPhone 3GS = 12 seconds
Telus network with iPhone 3GS = 12 seconds
Rogers network with iPhone 3GS = 24 seconds
Rogers network with iPhone 3G = 38 seconds
Same test with laptop on home high speed internet connection = 4 seconds

Some interesting results. First, the Bell / Telus network loaded the page TWICE as fast as the Rogers network. Second, it seems that the iPhone 3GS is much faster then the iPhone 3G.

Incidentally, I did try the same test with the Rogers network with the iPhone 3G when I got home and the same page loaded in 19 seconds.

“An empty network is always going to be faster,” – this is something to keep in mind, and incidentally not my comment but Iain Grant’s of the Seaboard Group when speaking about why the Bell and Telus network might be faster then Rogers.

The best way to validate a marketing claim is to substantiate the claim – and what better way then to use real numbers.

Maybe Telus, Bell … should come up with their own campaign – rather then use the courts they should use the numbers. People can understand these numbers. Have an independent body do some proper tests. In a controlled environment, same phones, same apps., done from the exact same location. If Telus is REALLY twice as fast then they should advertise this fact.

At the end of the day though it seems that Rogers is pulling their advertising. Obviously not a great time of year for this to happen – one month before Christmas, and the busiest shopping season of the year.

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