Wind Mobile’s launched their new kiosks inside Blockbuster stores – selling nothing !

by Jeff Wiener on December 4, 2009

Picture 29Could you imagine a scenario where you had invested millions of dollars into a new start-up, had purchased all of the infrastructure, gotten the necessary approvals from the government to launch, and then weeks before you were expected to bring your product to market some bureaucrat decides that your business plan doesn’t meet the necessary investment guidelines ?

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Wind Mobile.

In anticipation of their launch they had successfully hired hundreds of people. These people are still on the payroll. In addition, they negotiated with Blockbuster for real estate space inside of their stores to display and sell their new cellular service.

So, it’s rather sad to read the latest blog post on Wind Mobile’s blog site which states as follows:

I have some good news to share: we’ve launched our stores! Well… at least some of them. Before you get too excited, the bad news is that we’re not selling anything. No… really.

You may notice a few of our WIND kiosks inside Blockbuster locations in the GTA and Calgary. Why do we have people standing in kiosks when we’re not selling, and we can’t talk about what we’re going to sell, or when we’re going to sell the stuff we can’t talk about? Because they were there: the kiosks were built and our teams were trained and good to go.

So what else were we going to do with them?

How much longer could they possible keep this going ? If I were Wind Mobile or their investors I’m not sure if I would be laughing at this blog post or crying !

In the mean time, Public Mobile has been doing a great job in keeping their audience engaged prior to their launch. Their competitor, Dave Wireless, in the mean time has had the same boring web site with no customer engagement, and no new information. I check their web site every couple of weeks, and I’m shocked that they still haven’t released their new company name, started a blog, provided any indication of their marketing plans … come on Dave Wireless, get with the program !

Update: Wind Mobile received Industry Canada approval on December 18th to officially launch. Read more here.

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Wind Mobile moving forward – regardless of CRTC decision —
December 8, 2009 at 1:54 am

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Joel December 4, 2009 at 10:08 am

Mr. Lacavera sure is a trooper!

Bob December 7, 2009 at 11:36 am

I think it’s a great publicity stunt by WIND & team. Also excellent symbolism.

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