Wind Mobile moving forward – regardless of CRTC decision

by Guest on December 8, 2009

wind-mobile.png They might not be getting much love from the CRTC, but you have to admire the spunk that Wind Mobile, and especially Anthony Lacavera, have shown during their ridiculous setbacks.

Lacavera was at Mobile Monday Toronto, and he shared some of the upcoming events in the Wind Mobile future, (list courtesy of

  • According to Tony, Canada is still effectively a series of provincial duopolies (2 carrier concentration of 80-90% in most markets), with the 3rd highest costs and least customer satisfaction in the world. What we need is competition.
  • Globalive is not pleased to be missing Christmas but is pushing ahead, expanding the network, keeping staff on while they sort through with the CRTC and industry Canada
  • Tony is not yet acknowledging the possibility of not launching
  • CRTC’s reversal came after Globalive were legally approved by both Industry Canada and Dept of Finance. The CRTC’s choice was not one of law but a subjective decision, says Tony, and we disagree with their interpretation.
  • Tony played up the charity work Globalive employees have been doing – “has made our culture so much stronger”
  • Wind (The Globalive wireless brand) plans to launch with “all unlimited plans, no contracts, no catches*”
  • Other than the catch that data will have some limits, or at least large buckets (this is not so unreasonable)
  • Tony is keen on cool ideas like open application platforms. Although we don’t know what that means from a carrier perspective exactly.
  • Wind will launch with blackberries (the latest) and other smartphones but not the iphone yet
  • Asked about whether Canada should scrap foreign ownership rules – no says they are still important from a broadcast and cultural perspective
  • What Tony really means is that Globalive doesn’t need (to wait for) legislation to change for them to launch

The other day we shared that Wind mobile stores were opening up within Blockbuster outlets, even though they had nothing to sell, and couldn’t talk about what they might be selling in the future.  They’ve got an active community growing on their website, and a positive attitude regardless of their current situation. At the moment, Wind is winning the PR race.  How great is it going to be when they actually have a product to sell?!

What are your thoughts – is Wind going to be able to clear this hurdle, or should they just curl up in a corner and quietly die?

All 3 carriers have been profiled in
Coming to Canada this Fall – profiling Public Mobile
Coming to Canada this Fall – profiling Wind Mobile
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And more news: Globalive has been given the go ahead by Industry Canada to launch – read here.

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