Avaya Unified Communications Application Goes “Lite” for iPhone and Live via Apple App Store

by Jeff Wiener on December 15, 2009

Avaya One X iPhoneAvaya today announced that a “Lite” version of the leading enterprise mobility client application is now available through the Apple App Store. Avaya one-X Mobile Lite joins its sister application as Avaya’s second unified communications application for enterprises that business users can download for their iPhones.

The fully-featured, Avaya one-X Mobile is already the world’s leading, enterprise fixed mobile communications (FMC) client with 43 percent of the market, according to Frost and Sullivan.(1) Both Avaya one-X Mobile and the recently released “Lite” version enable the iPhone to become an enterprise communications device by making it possible for mobile workers to receive business calls anywhere, anytime, improving their productivity and reducing costs to the business.

Avaya one-X Mobile Lite has a look and feel that is similar to the existing Avaya one-X Mobile for iPhone, albeit with a subset of key features and no need for additional servers or licenses. The Lite application provides the following features:

* One Number – calls made to the desk phone will also ring on the iPhone. Calls made with the iPhone through this application will display the desk phone caller ID.
* Single Voice Mail – unanswered business calls are routed to the employee’s corporate messaging. In addition, employees can direct incoming calls to their business voice mail for later pickup with a push of a button.
* Easy Mobile Switcher – employees can seamlessly switch active calls from the iPhone to their desktop device and vice versa when arriving at the office or when they need to leave without interrupting the conversation.
* One Device – users can dial using Avaya one-X® Mobile Lite interface for business calls and direct dial from the iPhone for personal calls, so they will not need multiple phones. The application can easily be turned off and on from the iPhone to give users control over personal time versus business.
* iPhone Contacts Integration – users can call contacts directly from the iPhone address book using the Avaya one-X® Mobile Lite client.

The Avaya one-X Mobile Lite application can be downloaded by any employee with the Extension to Cellular (aka EC500) feature enabled on Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager in their enterprise.

For a more robust mobility application, the fully-featured Avaya one-X Mobile provides the features listed above, plus visual voicemail, user-defined call handling/routing, web-based user management portal, corporate contact directory search and more. Avaya one-X Mobile is also available for more than 300 mobile phones and devices.

Both Avaya one-X Mobile and the Lite version are free downloads.

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