1.4 Million Kilobytes

by Jeff Wiener on December 16, 2009

dollar-signNow that’s a lot of kilobytes … If you don’t have a proper cell phone plan.

And $21,917 is a lot of money … If you don’t have a proper cell phone plan.

Now that’s apparently what Verizon has charged Ted Estraija because his son downloaded approx. 1.4 Million Kilobytes of data without a proper data plan. Some quick math and it seems that this works out to $16 / MB. Seems like Dad was a little careless !

Of course there’s a message in this – make sure you check your data and voice plans before you roam, or use extra features on your plan.

Lucky for Mr Estraija Verizon was in some good Christmas cheer and waived the charges !

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