iTokk Tests Canadian Telecom Waters

by Anuradha on December 16, 2009

Picture 8iTokk Mobile VoIP service will be tested in Canada before its global launch next year. This service will allow users to make low-cost local and international calls from a mobile phone. This launch makes iTokk the first company to introduce a mobile VoIP product in Canada.

These calls can be made throughout the day without needing PINs, access numbers and calling cards. iTokk claims its customers can save more than 50 percent on international calls with this service.

 iTokk Mobile VoIP service should deliver on its promise as the company has already completed one-year beta testing for iTokk Mobile VoIP. For the trial, more than 5,000 customers from 10 nations used iTokk Mobile and reported significant savings on their long distance calling bills. 

Canadians don’t mind paying more for quality wireless services, according to Kevin Penstock, CEO of iTokk. He expects explosive growth in the Canadian mobile VoIP market and notes the findings of the Seaboard Group. 

This Canadian technology research company recently reported that Canadian wireless penetration is very low due to high wireless costs in the nation. The prohibitive costs are driving customers to search for more affordable wireless options.

Telecom industry analysts say that the nation’s telecom industry is about to change rapidly. The government is allocating more wireless spectrum to new competitors and 4G wireless technology will be popular soon.

Penstock said that iTokk is offering an opportunity to save more than 50 percent on their long distance calls and expects enormous profits in return. Their growth will be supported by corporate clients who want cheaper communication solutions to survive and sustain in the current sluggish economy.

You can try the service free by registering at iTokk’s website. Registered customers immediately get 25 cents of free demo minutes. This tried and tested VoIP service will definitely attract users who are tired of astronomical bills and want to cut their communication costs.

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iTokk Tests Canadian Telecom Waters — | Canada today
December 16, 2009 at 2:41 am

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