RIM’s Blackberry down for much of today across North America

by Jeff Wiener on December 17, 2009

blackberry8800You would think the world came to an end. All hell broke loose for much of the day today with RIM confirming intermittent to full outage in some areas of North America for those users running Blackberry devices.

Rogers announced earlier today that users running a BES (Blackberry Exchange Server) were OK, but those running off the Rogers network were down. Sprint Nextel and AT&T confirmed similar reports throughout the day today.

Reports like this highlight how dependent we have become (myself included) on these handheld and email devices. But, at the same time, it also highlights how unfortunate that dependence actually is.

Reminds me of the song The Day the Music Died by Don McLean in his song “American Pie.” For many it would almost be the same – The Day the Blackberry died !

This isn’t RIM’s first outage. They experienced a similar outage in April 2007 and once again in February 2008.

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