Things are heating up in the Nortel CVAS sale. Somebody stop the sale !

by Jeff Wiener on December 23, 2009

Picture 17I picked this news off and Network World. Fresh off the heals of Nortel’s recent sale of their Enterprise division to Avaya which closed on December 18th, things are finally heating up in the CVAS (Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions) division.

It looks like GENBAND, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), NEC and Sonus are the top contenders. The CVAS division was / is the crown jewel in Nortel’s holdings. Customers like AT&T have upwards of 1500 DMS switches and 700,000 T-1 Class 4 lines.

Here’s a long shot thought: What if Nortel took the cash they received from the sale of their other divisions and re-organized as a smaller, more nimble Nortel holding the patents and CVAS divisions ? I know, this will never happen. But, why not ?

The following was written on in September:

Speaking about the CVAS division: This business holds huge market share for home phone services delivered by the various Carriers across Canada. If your home phone service is provided by Bell, Telus, MTS, SaskTel or Aliant, then chances are your home phone line is provisioned by Nortel equipment known as DMS or CS2000. Bell and Telus have approximately 11 Million Network Access Subscribers (Wireline) acrossCanada according to their recent financial reports. Sustaining 911 Services will become very critical here so a long term product support plan should be of top priority and interest to all levels of Government and Carriers acrossCanada.

On Monday September 7th, the City of Calgary experienced a 911 system outage that resulted in 37 lost calls. It isn’t known yet the cause of the problem but this incident shows that long term support of mission critical systems needs to be a top priority.

Worldwide the numbers are more staggering. There are 115 Million wireline and wireless ports delivered to 350 carrier customers, making Nortel the number 1 vendor in this space.

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charlesbrooks January 6, 2010 at 4:05 am

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