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by Jeff Wiener on December 28, 2009

Flight TrackOne of my favorite iPhone apps (which also works on Google’s Android) is the Flight Track app from at

This app has proven invariably helpful and gotten me out of a bind on a few occasions. And it’s one you shouldn’t miss, especially if you do a lot of travel. You can search your flight routes by airline, flight number, date, or route. Once the device finds your flight it will provide, as the screen to the left shows, the scheduled departure time, arrival time, terminal number, and whether your flight is on time or delayed. If the flight is delayed it will let you know how delayed it in fact is. You can save your flight itinerary for quick reference at a later date / time, and ensure that your flight is on time before leaving for the airport.

I’ve suggested that the app has gotten me out of a bind on a number of occasions. One in particular: last year my family was scheduled to leave for a cruise on December 27th with a scheduled flight for December 26th, so needless to say our arrival in Fort Lauderdale was extremely time sensitive. Our 10AM flight was initially delayed for 3 hours because of heavy fog. At 1PM Air Canada cancelled the flight. In the mean time I spoke with the Air Canada ticket agent to see if there were any other flights from Toronto to South Florida. As it turns out the Air Canada agent wasn’t particularly helpful; he indicated that there were no other flights leaving that day for Florida. While he was explaining that there were no other flights I was pulling up a scheduled list on Flight Track of Air Canada flights leaving between Toronto and multiple other Florida destinations that day. I found a flight to Orlando through New York, determined the flight numbers, and provided all of that info to the not so helpful flight agent. The Flight Track app saved the day and essentially got me to Florida on time.

I’m hoping I don’t need this app this morning. I have a scheduled flight departing at 7:50AM on Air Canada. I’ll let you know !

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