iPhone iNsanity?

by Guest on January 4, 2010

crazy-iphone user Are you crazy because you bought an iPhone, or does having an iPhone make you crazy?

Comparing the consumers that buy an iPhone to those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome is a pretty powerful statement, but that’s what’s coming from the mouths of the folks at Strand Consulting in their report How will psychologists describe the iPhone syndrome in the future? The consulting firm also has a large repository of reports on the telecom and other industries, apparently they are experts in this field…

The Strand Consulting family provided 20 arguments that iPhone users use to justify their loyalty to Apple.  Here are a few of their examples:

iPhone problem:
The quality of the phone is poor, calls are often interrupted and network coverage is poor

Counter argument:
It is a good phone, these problems are due to the operators’ networks and not the phone

iPhone problem:
You cannot use the iPhone as a modem for your portable PC

Counter argument:
People that have an iPhone do not need their portable when on the move.

iPhone problem:
There is no radio in the phone

Counter argument:
You do not need a radio in your iPhone because the iPhone supports iTunes that offers almost unlimited music.

Perhaps the folks at Strand are going a bit far, but they seem to be suggesting that the iPhone users are a tad delusional; so loyal to the Apple brand that they will justify any perceived flaw as a benefit, or at most a minor inconvenience.

Are you suffering from iPhone Syndrome, or do you know someone who is?  As a loyal fanboi for almost 2 years now, I don’t know if I can answer this question accurately.  What’s your experience with iPhone users – are they crazy, or crazy-happy with their phone?

What’s the craziest thing an iPhone addict had said to you to justify their purchase?

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