Will Google Voice dethrone Skype in 2010?

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 5, 2010

Ever since Google acquired Gizmo5, a VoIP softphone provider in November, 2009, speculations were rife that Google is secretly planning an aggressive strategy to dethrone Skype from the top spot for the #1 voice communication platform in 2010. 
Google Voice vs Skype

Google Voice vs Skype

A recent post on eWeek has quoted Bradley Horowitz, the Vice President of Product Management at Google making it clear that the Internet giant is betting big time on the success of Google Voice in 2010. Google has ambitious plans for Google Voice in 2010 and it already has nearly 1.4 million users in a relatively short time span since it was launched. It’s not fair to compare it with the nearly 500 million subscriber base of Skype as till now Google Voice required a phone carrier to run the service. However, the good news for Google enthusiasts is that it’s all set to change in 2010.

Without any explicit references to Skype, Horowitz made it clear that Google is well on track to buid a un-matched seamless telephony experience for users. With Gizmo5 pocketed, it is very well placed to take on the likes of Skype and other VoIP providers. Voicemail transcription, threaded SMS and Inbox integration are a thing of the past and Google might well be planning a integration of Google voice with other Google applications or even a universal calling mechanism which works on any broadband network or any smartphone.

With Nexus One around the corner, the possibilities are endless! It’s surely exciting times ahead for Google (and Skype).

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