Nexus One – The wait is over!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 6, 2010

Nexus One

Nexus One

The wait is over. Google has finally unveiled the much awaited Google Phone – The Nexus One yesterday. It’s hard to remember any other phone since the Apple iPhone which generated as much buzz and excitement as the Nexus One. Google hates to be called the ‘Search Giant’ and the term ‘Internet Giant’ seemed more apt when Google re-wrote rules of the internet with it’s revolutionary products.

With the launch of Nexus One, Google has finally shed it’s inhibitions to move out of the ‘Internet Giant’ image and I’m wondering whether it’s a matter of time before it’s called the next ‘Mobile Giant’. I’ll leave a detailed review of the Nexus One and it’s much talked about showdown with the Apple iPhone for another day and just focus on what Nexus One has in store for you.

But before I get to the phone, I’ve to say that Google should have done a better job with the 3D Tour, it takes ages to load and almost gives the impression that the video is blank.

And now on to Nexus One specs – as expected it runs Android 2.1, has a typical Snapdragon powered HTC built look, comprises of a 3.7 inch display with 800 x 480 resolution, reasonably light to your pocket at 130 grams and a 5 MP (yes, you read it right – 5 Mega Pixel) Camera. An unlocked version of this GSM phone costs you $529 and a subsidized version is available through T-Mobile for $179. You can order your Nexus One from Google Nexus One website.

As I mentioned earlier, Google has some big plans up it’s sleeve for 2010 especially for voice communication and Nexus One is just the start. I hope the folks at Apple and RIM are up and awake!

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