People see the Google Nexus One as another pretty phone. It’s actually a dangeous precedent

by Jeff Wiener on January 6, 2010

Last week I wrote a post titled: It’s a Google World. Are they becoming too dominant ? My general sense was YES, Google has in fact become too dominant. They have stretched their tentacles into too many vertical and lateral markets, have destroyed too many market segments, and continue to grow with such ferocity that I now classify them as a threatening monoploy power organization. The governments in each respective country should wake up and take action. Now.

The above was my sense before Google announced the Nexus One. Now that they have made their entry into the cell hardware game official my sense borders more on urgency then complacency

You see, Nexus One isn’t just a phone. Just like the iPhone before it this little device will change the landscape of the cellular hardware market, and, take along the carrier business as well.

Google doesn’t want to sell hardware. They could care less about the hardware. It’s the ad revenue they’re after. And how will they get this revenue ?

By offering free air time and subsidizing the air revenue by splitting the ad revenue with the carrier. They will take out the GPS market at the same time. It’s a complete paradigm shift, and one we should be proactive about, not reactive.

And which carrier will fly the Google bandwagon ? Any GPS takers ?

Forget the GPS market. It’s doomed. You’ll now drive along using your Google Android GPS watching Google Streetview with real time coupons and ads, the software and air time completely subsidized.

How about the carriers ? Any takers ?

Absolutely. They stand to make significantly more selling ads then by selling air time. Air time is a depreciating competitive commodity. Ad revenue is an exclusive shill game. Owned by … Google. All the carriers will be clamoring for a piece of the action.

The Nexus One is the first step to Google’s dominance in this market and they need to be stopped. Now.

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