Nexus One vs iPhone – The Showdown Begins!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 10, 2010

NexusOne vs iPhone - Showdown begins

NexusOne vs iPhone - Showdown begins

Google and Apple seem to have made a habit of crossing each other’s paths in the last couple of years be it Eric Schmidt or Apple deciding to block Google Voice app for iPhone.

The year 2010 begins with probably the biggest showdown between Google’s Nexus One and Apple’s blockbuster iPhone. Both the companies have entered the year 2010 with big announcements – Google coming out with Nexus One and Apple acquiring Quattro, a mobile advertising company. The recent acuisition by Apple is clearly a conscious effort by Apple to give Google a still competitiion in the mobile search/ advertising space.

While iPhone has clearly ruled the chart in year 2009, the story might be a lot different in year 2010 with the phoney war entering an altogether new era. The fight between Nexus One and the iPhone would be a close one and the Nexus One appears to have the upper hand on the following fronts

  • More Memory, More storage capability
  • User Replacable Battery
  • Voice Recognition
  • Excellent voice quality with a superb Noise Cancellation feature
  • Better GPS
  • Lower Cost

While some mobile enthusiasts believe that the top spot contendors should also include the Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid. With all due respect to the manufacturers and users of these two smartphones, I think they have a long way to go before they enter the big league – Nexus One and the iPhone.

I won’t be surprised if Apple launches an updated variant of iPhone soon to counter the Nexus One attack. Whatever be the case, this is one interesting battle to look out for in year 2010!

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Written by: Gaurav Kheterpal. Follow by: RSSTwitter,, or Friendfeed

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