Google Nexus One – Support Blues?

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 12, 2010

Google Nexus One - No Helping Hand?

Google Nexus One - No Helping Hand?

Google has always been known as a company which cares a lot for it’s customers. With the launch of Nexus One and the exponentially growing complaint base around it, Google is learning the hard way that providing support for a mobile phone is a different ball game than supporting a search engine or an email application.

A quick look at the Google Mobile Help Forum shows that there’s no shortage of frustrated customers cursing Google for issues ranging from 3G problems, navigation issues, battery life issues and what not. A fed up user even wrote – “I give up, I’m sending the phone back tomorrow” 🙁

It will clearly be a massive challenge for Google to support the never ending queries and questions as the number of people buying the phone increases. There are other enthusiast users who are dying to get their hands on the Nexus One and keen to know if they are eligible or not? And last but not the least, there is no shortage of users shouting at Google for shipment delays and payment issues.

I’m very skeptical that  Google’s tried and tested self support strategy will work for Nexus One. Though it has setup a dedicated Nexus One Help Page, I’m sure that people would prefer to talk directly to a helpline rather than read up huge manuals or browse through FAQs and forums. And to add to customer woes, they don’t know if they should contact Google, T-Mobile or HTC.

Though Google has recently made a public announcement that it will step up the support base for Nexus One and ensure a quick resolution for all customer complaints, there’s a lot more to do than to talk.

Weird that the company which promotes the ‘Do no evil’ tagline is facing alleged complaints from customers about it’s evil customer support!

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