Have you ever lost or had your cell phone stolen ? iHound to the rescue.

by Jeff Wiener on January 12, 2010

Have you ever lost or had your cell phone stolen ?

It can be frustrating. And if you are using the iHound software the experience of losing your cell phone will be an experience of the past. As the name suggests, iHound will help you track your lost cell phone.

Wondering how this software works ?

If you have lost your iPhone / iPod Touch, you can send it a notification. From the web site, you can choose which sound you want to play and compose a text message (or choose from one of the pre-existing templates). When your device receives the notification, the sound is played at maximum volume for a full 30 seconds, and your text message is displayed. If the device was idle, then a slider appears… if someone who has your iPhone slides that slider, then iHound will open up and transmit your phone’s location to the iHound server. This method is especially effective if you have a spoof screen setup, since the person will not necessarily realize the phone is being tracked as alarms are sounding, your iPhone is sending its coordinates back to the iHound server and the likely-hood of finding your device is increased.

Now here’s the downside to the product. The software needs to be running in order for the tracking software itself to work. That is a limitation of the iPhone not of the iHound software. The iPhone isn’t a multi-taking device, which leaves me wondering when Apple will allow multi-tasking, or the ability to leave multiple programs running simultaneously.

Either way, according to the iHound web site the most effective way to use iHound is to keep it running when you’re not using your phone, and to keep the phone protected using the built-in passcode lock functionality. While the phone is idle, iHound will continue to transmit your location according to your frequency settings. If someone picks up your phone and tries to open it, they will be challenged with the passcode.

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badtimestory January 13, 2010 at 2:19 am

Inspiring news, only wondering how practicle it is. Last year I lost my phone, it was quite a disaster, if it were loaded with this program, i might have found it. And I have a question here: is it only applicable on iPhones?

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