WIND Mobile Opens Up Unknowingly Blocked Ports

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 15, 2010

WIND Mobile - The Mess Over Blocked Ports is over!

WIND Mobile - The Mess Over Blocked Ports is over!

WIND Mobile has been super quick to counter the customer backlash over blocked ports for the ‘Infinite Mobile’ data plan. Just in case you were wondering why you were unable to access YouTube, MSN, Google Talk or GPS on your WIND Mobile phone, the answer is simple – The ports were blocked earlier so these applications were inaccessible.

As per WIND Mobile’s CCO Chris Robbins, this was not intended and the ports were blocked unknowingly. I’m very impressed that Chris stepped in so quickly and settled it before it could turn into a potential crisis for a company which believes in the ‘The Power of Conversation’ with it’s customers. Chris further clarifies in his blog that it involved a mamoth effort in order to get this issue fixed quickly so that the ports could be opened up again. The good news is that it’s been settled. He also mentions that the efforts are on big time to get video streaming to work on the BlackBerry Bold 9700.


If you have questions regarding internet usage on WIND phones, check this FAQ. I’m impressed with the note on which Chris ends his post

“While there are new mobile applications all of the time, we’re pretty confident that they’ll work with what we’ve got, and – if not – we’ll fix it. Just let us know!”

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Written by: Gaurav Kheterpal. Follow by: RSSTwitter,, or Friendfeed

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