Goodbye Palm Treo Pro?

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 24, 2010

Palm Treo - End Of The Road?

Palm Treo - End Of The Road?

While all recent media attention has been grabbed by the Palm Pre Plus and the Mobile HotSpot application, it seems that Palm has decided to silently call it a day for the big brother to Palm Pre and Palm Pixi – The Palm Treo Pro.

It’s understandable that Palm is focused on promoting webOS and building smart phones around it, therefore a Windows Mobile based Treo Pro doesn’t fit well in it’s long term plans. Therefore, the Treo Pro does not feature any longer on the Products Page and the Palm Online Store.

The Treo Pro was manufactured by HTC and made it’s debut in August 2008 with a GSM variant. It was later followed by a CDMA variant in March 2009 but was a modest achiever by all means. Though a search on Palm’s website still has some active links to the Treo Pro, I’m sure that it’s a matter of time before they are removed as well.

The future for Palm lies on the shoulders of Palm Pixi and now to a certain extent on Palm Pre Plus. As for Palm Treo Pro, it’s no longer the age of smartphones with 400 MHz processors and 320×320 displays so it’s hardly surprising that Palm chose a ‘Sudden Death’ for it!

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Written by: Gaurav Kheterpal. Follow by: RSSTwitter,, or Friendfeed

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Nabeel January 24, 2010 at 9:32 am

Palm has got bigger issues to worry about.

Goodbye Palm !!

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