Nokia wants to be hacked

by Guest on January 25, 2010


Nokia announced their second challenge to the hacker community – the Mod in the USA competition. The first version of this competition was available worldwide, but this time it’s scaled back a bit to be US only.  Last time, some of the more interesting submissions were an “etch-a-sketch” variant, aerial photography from a kite, and even a mod that let networked skateboarders do some real time scoring of their tricks. Nokia is looking forward to some interesting applications  to show off what the open source OS running on the N900, combined with the advanced hardware. is able to do.

The Nokia N900 is a fairly powerful handset, sporting the ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz processor, 32Gigs of storage (plus another 16Gigs available through external storage) a 5mb camera with dual LED flash and 3x zoom, but most importantly, the Maemo 5 Linux OS.  Yup, this is  a scaled down linux distro, which makes this a pretty powerful little unit.

So far, the twitter streams are buzzing with news of an available hack that will let you dual boot between Maemo 5 and Android.  This has the gadget community whipped up into a virtual frenzy, sparking debates as to the legitimacy of the hack, the logistics about porting it to the iPhone, as well as conversations about sharing the info.

There are some great tools out there if you are interested in the hack, and for those interested in the contest, it runs until noon on February 15.  With prizes ranging from $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000, it will be interesting to see what the brilliant minds will be able to do with the N900.

With the recent addition of the Ovi store and Ovi maps, it looks like there will be some excellent competitors for your next mobile phone upgrade dollars.

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